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Ride the Tour Prologue!

Earlier I tried to compare the Tour prologue to the Dauphiné Libéré version and guessed from a narrative description that the Tour version in London was much more winding and demaning of technical prowess. Well, thanks to my slow-but-sure memory, I eventually recalled that London has its own Tour website, and of course there's little guesswork: you can take a video flythrough around the course. Or just check out the interactive map. A casual glance reveals some six or seven corners worth paying attention to.

Last year's Strasbourg prologue was at least as winding, with some nine turns in 7.1km, and lo, a sprinter, Thor Hushovd, used those unique skills to edge out George Hincapie, Dave Zabriskie, Seb Lang, and Alejandro Valverde. Maybe this list is a better place to start than the Dauphiné results. Wiggins and Millar finished 16th and 17th, about 14 seconds in arrears. So assuming Wiggins was fine, he shouldn't be a favorite in London. But Millar was coming off his suspension and racing for the first time, so he remains the Anglo to watch.