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Giro Non-Negatives: Piepoli, Petacchi, Mayo

From the CN Notes:

La Gazzetta dello Sport first reported three non-negative doping tests from the Giro d'Italia. Allegedly, two Italians tested positive for the presence of Salbutamol and one Spanish rider's test showed elevated testosterone levels. On Wednesday, Eurosport reported the alleged identity of the three riders: Italians Alessandro Petacchi (Milram) and Leonardo Piepoli (Saunier Duval) and Spaniard Iban Mayo (Saunier Duval).

The two Italians have medical exemptions on file for treating asthma, while according to Eurosport, Mayo is known to be prone to natural testosterone variations, something he has documented previously with the UCI.

Smoke? Fire? These aren't nobodies. Petacchi especially had better get his files in order fast, lest he be barred from the Tour. If this is just a matter of submitting his asthma exemption, yo Ale-Jet, get on it! If not... let's not go there yet.