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Breaking: Danielson Out of the Tour

Andy Hood passes on the bad news: Discovery Channel's Tom Danielson has some sort of recurring stomach issue that has effectively prevented him from preparing for the Tour. Today, Johan Bruyneel announced that he won't be included in Discovery's Tour team as a result:

He's sick. We're trying to find out exactly what the problem is. He's had stomach problems throughout the year at several key moments. It's definitely a disappointment. ... If you're not healthy, you cannot race the Tour. And he needs to be racing to be ready for the Tour. There are no miracles in this sport. You cannot suddenly be ready.

Danielson must be unbelievably frustrated and upset, as would anyone in his position, waiting for that first shot at the Tour. He's reportedly in Spain being examined by doctors to sort it out.

Update [2007-6-15 14:5:53 by chris]: Is Oscar Pereiro the next to fall? Eusebio Unzue, Caisse d'Epargne DS, cast doubt on whether he'd be fit enough to take the start in London: ""His form is not good. After the Dauphiné and after the analysis of the other riders in the Tour de Suisse we will decide whether he will go to the Tour this year." Whoa!