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Dauphiné Libéré Stage 7 -- the Finale... LIVE!

No parade to the finish line today; the Col de la Forclaz is a cat-1 climb 20km from the line... in a race where Cadel Evans is coming on strong, and sits a mere 14 seconds down... could be interesting. The Tour doesn't start for three weeks, and Cadel Evans has a full month, thereabouts, to recover from whatever effort would be required to snatch the overall from Christophe Moreau today.

Oh and not to get all dramatic, but F-- Astana. Kashechkin's comments (effectively, I don't give a sheit, I'm just training) must be pretty embarassing for the race organizers. If the holder of the yellow jersey doesn't care, and if the previous holder from the same team also doesn't care... why should we? Because it's great racing, at least by the people who actually give a sheit about the result.