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Daily Feedbag

Maybe this week we should call it the Fondue Pot...

  • A Luxembourger wins in Liechtenstein! Surely this is a first in Cycling. I'm at a loss for words. Anyway, discussion of Frank Schleck's form is below in the TdS thread. Nice win... too bad he waited for my VDS team to bottom out before pitching in.
  • Coverage of the day's big "story," the UCI's announcement of a "Go Clean with Gene" pledge that will no doubt do for doping what the 1968 campaign did for drug use in America, is at VN and CN. Mark Cavendish and Sandy Casar were on hand to ceremonially sign the pledge first. No word on whether they brought their year's salary in cash to back it up.
  • This is one I don't understand: Discovery Channel is opting out of the AIGCP for reasons that sound like they don't think anything is getting done. Of course, this is the team that had difficulty with AIGCP for signing Basso, which blew up in their faces. Whether this latest development is some kind of fallout, or the usual disorganized state of the sport, is not apparent to yours truly.
  • In case you missed it, Le Tour will start in Monaco in 2009. 2008 kicks off in Brest in western France.