Advance Copies of Saul Raisin's Biography available from Dave Shield's website!!!

A lot of folks don't want to read the latest cycling books published. For good reason! If the Landis book or the latest Walsh book leave you cold, there is great news for fans of cycling literature!!!

Dave Shields, author of The Race and The Tour helped Raisin to write his story. They are publishing it as Tour de Life: From Coma to Competition. The book is slated for release in September, but Shields has a limited number of copies available now on his web site. Some of the copies will be autographed by Saul, and all by Dave.

They run about thirty bones, which isn't cheap, but I'm happy to pay for good writing, a great story, and hope to boot! It is especially nice to have something about cycling not related to the all-pervasive sleaze of the summer's other cycling book releases.

*edit* I noticed that the copy I bought sends some $ back to the Daily Peleton, where I read about the book being available. I wonder if the PC can swing a similar deal? Original DP Forum posting by Dave Shields.