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Other Shoe Doesn't Drop

Granted, the rumored meeting between the UCI and the teams is probably going on as I type this, but apparently the media is already downplaying the possibility of anything coming out of it right away. From VN, the word is that there hasn't been enough time to analyze the results, and the big meeting will spend its time instead talking about team anti-doping policies (yawn). I may be striking out this entire post when I wake up to find that there's a new list of exclusions, but for now if you don't hear anything dramatic, it may be because it didn't happen.

Update [2007-6-19 12:10:32 by chris]:

The UCI has introduced a new anti-doping charter, it announced today in Geneva. Under it, all 600 ProTour riders must sign a statement before the Tour de France in which they agree to pay a year's salary if they are found to have used illegal doping products, in addition to the usual suspension they would face.