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20° Tappa-- Bardolino-Verona ITT... LIVE!

So the weather is supposed to be wet again. This may make for an interesting stage after all. Riders fly on flat, wet pavement... provided they stay upright. For the maglia rosa DiLuca, that last part is the operative term. Given the nature of the course, I'd guess DiLuca will go a bit carefully in the first half, where the course has a few twists and turns, but after the first 15km the course looks relatively straight and simple. If DiLuca hasn't given back much time before the 15km mark he probably never will.

This has been a beautiful Giro, and I'm getting kind of sad about reaching the finish Sunday. Ah well, we'll have to make do with the Tour I guess.

BTW, am I the only one who thinks pumping up Riccardo Ricco as the next Pantani is kind of creepy?