The Tour de France-Only Virtual Directeur Sportif Competition Kicks Off... NOW!

Update [2007-6-21 14:23:2 by chris]: Your daily reposting... hit read more if you want to, ah, read more.

Here we go... the rules, which are mostly familiar but with a few new wrinkles.

  • Each team has a budget of up to 45 points to spend on nine riders. This is up from the 40 points we used in the Giro.
  • Each team may have, at most, one rider worth at least 15 points. Otherwise the larger budget would lead to a lot of similar-looking teams.
  • As discussed yesterday, rider values have been edited. Also, stage wins and the green jersey are worth more than they were in the Giro, and the mountains jersey has been devalued a bit. Review the scoring system carefully!
  • Each team must have at least one Frenchman on its roster. There really is no rationale for this rule.
  • One entry per user.
  • Rosters must be submitted by email no later than Friday, July 6, at noon Pacific. You can certainly turn them in sooner, and if you do, you can continue to make changes to the roster you turned in, up until the 7/6 deadline. However, try to keep this to a minimum; turn in your roster when you're pretty sure about it.

Update [2007-6-20 20:45:36 by chris]: When filling out rosters, be sure and start with CyclingFever's Start List. We listed just about everyone, but in fact 70 percent of those guys won't be in London for the start of Le Tour. [Which is why Andy Schleck is still listed at 1.50.] Start lists are not final at this point, so I didn't want to shrink the pool yet. But that will be your challenge.

Bonne chance!