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Jaksche Dishes on Telekom and... Jaksche

Jörg Jaksche's Der Spiegel interview will reveal his own doping and the complicity of T-Mob management, according to wire stories making the rounds today. Jaksche speaks explicitly about going to Dr. Fuentes for injections, of what he didn't really know, and of how the former Polti team used to carry vials of EPO around hidden in a vacuum. We'll see Monday if he has any revelations that will affect this year, but so far the most telling comment is that Fuentes succeeded in keeping the names of his clients from one another. So Jaksche won't be naming names, and his revelations generally concern people who aren't in the sport anymore (such as himself).

In a way this is OK, not because we don't want to know more, but because having scandals broken in the media is a recipe for even more chaos, if you can imagine that. The new ethics rules will exclude riders who are under investigation, not merely named in magazines, yet a magazine article would be just as damaging as an investigation in the public eye. If Operacion Puerto is going to flush out more suspects, let it be done through the legal system, so we know where it's headed.