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Summer Reading, On the Cheap totally started clicking for me (a longtime Powells snob) when they began offering used books rooted out of the back shelves of bookstores around the country. Today, for example, I am reading Samuel Abt's hard-hitting critique LeMond - The Incredible Comeback of an American Hero. Smooooch! [Actually, the book works well as a really long interview.] Why am I reading this? Because the Tour is coming, and because Amazon sold it to me in hardcover for $1.00 from a bookstore in California.

If you're not already in the habit of doing so, I recommend browsing the stacks in Amazon's Cycling section, and look for those bargain prices. If this link expires, the section is Books-Sports-Individual-Cycling-General. BTW, Floyd's new book is already marked down 25%, and isn't out just yet. Oh, and It's Not About the Bike will run you $0.01, plus shipping.