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Quick Step Raids Just a Hoax?

Apparently further reports show that whatever went down today in Belgium, it was far, far less dramatic than what was reported this morning.

One staff member's home was searched, but no "doping or illicit products" were discovered in the residence. The police temporarily took possession of the soigneur's cell phone and computer, but after questioning, returned the phone. "Insofar as we know, there is no investigation into our team, and there is no reason for an investigation. Team Quick Step-Innergetic finds it regrettable that imprecise information which was disseminated today by authorities, was seized unnecessarily to compromise the reputation of our professional team."

From ten homes to one. From reports of finding copious quantities of illegal substances to, well, bubkis. This is looking like a bad, bad joke. Stay tuned...

Update [2007-6-8 9:44:10 by chris]: One theory as to why this mess started is Sunday's Belgian elections. Nice.