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Le Tour '07: Stage 3 LIVE!

Yep, it's the longest day of the Tour today, and for your amusement the Tour organizers have plotted a reverse course of Paris-Roubaix. Are there actually no cobbled sections? None of consequence, for sure. Instead, there are a few intermediate sprints and one KOM spot close to the end. So expect Saunier Duval to get animated with an hour or so to go. Boonen, Hushovd and McEwen are all capable of winning after such a long prelude... but the longest race in the Pro Tour is Milan-San Remo, and 2007 winner Oscar Freire is on hand for today's finale. So it should be a competitive day.

It's my wife's birthday, so I may be a bit distracted this morning, but I hope to be on pretty often. Have at it!