Americans at the Tour: Dugard Says We're Front Runners...

In what might be described as an indictment of American cycling in the post-Lance area, writer Martin Dugard (traveling with the TdF) says there aren't many American fans at the Tour:

See, there are no Americans at this Tour. None. London doesn't count, but even then the numbers were skimpy. The only American flag I've seen so far is the jersey George Hincapie is wearing on his back, because he's U.S. champion. I walked through the sign-in area, looking for signs of Americans -- accents, flags, odd t-shirts from obscure bike shops (a shout-out here to Matt Ford and Rock `n' Road Cyclery back home).

None to be seen. We have become the world's greatest example of a front-runner.

Zing! Assuming he's not lying about the number of fans, I gotta ask: Is anyone surprised?

Without another Lance, is cycling doomed to slide back into obscurity?