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Warning: Don't Post VS Stream Links Here

Apparently VS is running around waving a threat of legal action at any website which is passing on links to their live stream. Now, permit me a small rant: this kicking-sand behavior is one more reason not to like VS, and the whole "we'll sue!" threat is stupid bullshit nonsense. I'm a lawyer and am fully capable of answering whatever brief they would care to file in the matter for myself if somehow I wound up in their crosshairs. And though this isn't my specialty, I fail to see what expectation of exclusivity they have if they distribute a video stream over the world's most public resource, without access restrictions, and people happen to notice it. Their threats are meant to scare off less-wealthy or unlawyered people, and like any pitiful schoolyard bully they deserve to be laughed at.

Nevertheless, I have far, far better things to do than deal with them, and anyway it sounds like there are other live feeds available thru Cyclingfans. So please, don't post any links here to live VS feeds. If you've done so, no need to apologize, just cut it out. I'll try to erase whatever was posted in the live threads. Thanks!