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Vino/Klöden Withdrawal Watch

Consider this an open thread for hearing or passing on the latest word about the first Yellow Jersey contender to possibly see his hopes go up in smoke.

Update [2007-7-12 15:31:59 by chris]: Thanks to the bad German translations in the comments, it appears Klöden will continue!! I'm assuming this means no fracture was detected. But Vino hadn't emerged from the hospital yet, so his condition is unknown still. And Klödi will be sore either way.

Update [2007-7-12 15:43:52 by chris]: Klödi does indeed have a hairline fracture of his steissbein, so while they've cleared him to continue, it's not apparent what shape he'll be in. More concerned about Vino tho'.

More Update [2007-7-12 18:9:32 by chris]:: "We are afraid that it is the same problem (from four years ago)", Biver said. As mentioned in the comments, that problem robbed him of his climbing power. They're letting him continue as long as he can stand the pain, not because he's all fine and dandy. And as for Vino, it may be worse. From Radsport, via Google "Translations":

Meanwhile Astana star Alexandre Vinokourov, which had likewise fallen on Thursday, tightened itself a deep wound at the knee, as Biver explained. The Kasache had to be sewn in the hospital at both Kien. Whether it can continue the route, should be decided still on thursday evening. "Vino" had to go to further investigations into a larger hospital in Beaune.
I'm pretty sure Kien are knees.

One last Update [2007-7-12 18:31:57 by chris]: I know I said I hate the Guardian, but they have an English update. Thanks to TdFBlog, once again, for the tip.