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Musette du Jour

A few housekeeping notes... First, I'm changing the power poll order. Today I'll kick off the KOM poll, instead of the maillot jaune standings which haven't changed except to the extent Astana guys keep falling down, to which we've devoted portions of five separate posts already. Tomorrow, with the spotty jersey moved out, I'll do an early (but very timely) update of the Green Jersey poll, and then instead of the scheduled points poll Monday, we'll be ready for the Yellow Poll by then. Also, I'm not going to talk about sprinter etiquette anymore. I should've known better than to diss Zabel here.

  • The big on-road news today, besides who was laying on the road, is Pippo the Prophet. CN's Italian reporter Gregor has the post-race goods.
  • Working journo James Raia -- one of those guys who's gotten paid to attend the world's greatest sporting event -- has skipped the Tour this year, but is posting stage previews each day. Everyone can tell you what the course profile is, but hit "full story" here and you get some scene-setting, like where exactly these places are and whether the Tour has been there much.
  • If you dig photos (who doesn't?), a few folks are worth checking out regularly. Actually, there are probably dozens, and I welcome more links to that effect. But Graham Watson is the pacesetter. He currently has his daily Tour pics updated same day. And if you're in London, hope you caught his exhibition. Another reliable source is Tim De Waele, who's current through yesterday and has some great pictures of Thor, for the Swedes in the audience.
  • Martin Dugard compares this week to a certain Conrad novel. Not sure it's a compliment.
  • Over there... Sam Abt today: maybe the Tour is bigger than its scandals. Good news? As for the Guardian, the Tour was all good when it meant French podium chicks in Hyde Park, but now that it's pulled up stakes, the message is don't trust anyone. I officially don't trust the Guardian.
  • And finally, for some fun, play the Cycling.TV Tour video game! I haven't had a chance to see how it works yet, but Anthony says the winner gets a signed yellow jersey.