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Musette du Jour

All the news that fits, we print.

  • Coupla reactions at Eurosport to today's stage. Soler's gushing and Vino's misery tell you about everything. Poor Vino, I wasn't rooting for him, but he deserved better than this.
  • Nothing reported, but Danilo DiLuca is fatalistic about his meeting with CONI, saying he expects to get bounced for suspicion of doping a few years back.
  • Cosmo is worth reading for a number of reasons, including his ability to find the perfect photo to capture the spectacle of the Tour.
  • VeloNews has won the popularity contest here for its video interviews with Chris Horner, one of the more candid cyclists you'll ever hear. Nice job by Neil Rogers putting these together. Chris isn't up yet, but there's a George Hincapie post-mortem to hold us over for now.
  • Two housekeeping notes: I will be out of contact pretty much all day tomorrow, but will leave some open threads for during and after the race, and harangue Drew to promote diaries relentlessly. Also, the "Winners and Losers" format is kind of being overtaken by the polls. I'll use it when it's worthwhile but the polls are covering a lot of ground now. Besides, the designations were getting a tad obvious.
  • And lastly, there's no way I can run down anything resembling a decent sampling of the great links out there, so if you see anything you like, consider this an open Musette and pass it along. Thanks!