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Le Tour '07: Stage 9 Live!!

Another epic stage on our hands today. If Biver is right and Vino is healed, this will be a real shock to the systems of a lot of riders. Phil and Paul are both sticking with Vino as their pick to win it all. We should know, one way or another, by the end of this stage.

As for more important things, here's CN on Stuart O'Grady:

Stuart O'Grady is in a comfortable but sore position after his fall during stage 8 and will remain in hospital for some time. His injuries are well documented and have left him sad and sorry. In true Stuey style, O'Grady has thanked the pole he hit, as it could have well saved his life, prevented him from tumbling over the edge of the descent down the huge drop to no man’s land.

O'Grady's pregnant wife Anne Marie son Seth and brother Darren O’Grady are keeping him amused in hospital, although they are trying to not make him laugh too much as even a small cough pains the tough aussie.

Stuey has been able to raise a smile and is giving his thumbs up to indicate he’s fine, but just talking hurts him like hell. A true professional, it is not yet known when he will be released from hospital, but he is already thinking about his return, hoping to be back on his bike in two to three months.

Whew... it sounded a little ominous earlier; I'm relieved to know Stuey's OK and plotting his return; don't think today could be much fun otherwise. Remember, after about 250 comments we'll start a new thread. Enjoy!