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Musette du Jour

  • The next bombshell: Der Chicken is a suspected doper. ~:> has been playing fast and loose with the rules regarding availability for testing. Sounds technical, but this is worse than training in a black shirt.
  • Shorter Jonathan Vaughters: The ethical rules forbid me from saying I've signed a lot of high profile riders already, but between you and me, I have signed a lot of high profile riders. Get your gargoyle argyle kit now, before the Sept. 1 rush.
  • This morning, I told my dad on the phone that no human being alive knows who will win the tour. Turns out I was wrong.
  • Unlike, say, certain German TV networks, Eurosport seems to have doubled down on Cycling. Their wire service stories (scroll down from the main cycling page) are making this the most thorough media source alive, at least to the west of Adelaide. Today's gem: some info from the Astana camp, where Vino has pulled back from the brink of stepping off the bike.
  • Of course, there's a downside, such as this story about Lance, which should not be read on a full stomach.
  • Preview tomorrow's course with James Raia and learn about the canals around Castres.
  • Update [2007-7-19 19:44:12 by chris]: Dave Zabriskie's hors delais exit from the Tour means that Chris Horner has a wide open road ahead of him in their battle to say "meow" to the VeloNews audience the most. At least Dave can count on a share of Jens! Voigt's money for selling yesterday's stage win.