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Le Tour Virtual DS Entries Due Friday!

This is your first reminder that the deadline is approaching for submitting your entries to the Podium Cafe Tour de France Virtual Directeur Sportif Competition. As spelled out earlier, pick nine riders, send Clydesdale an email, and you, yes you, could own a Podium Cafe Directeur jersey, provided you win and provided I find a place to produce them.

The gist of this reminder is that although I told people they might want to take their time sending in entries until the rosters get set, I think the rosters are just about set. The shoe hasn't dropped on any more drug "suspects," and 20 teams (as of this morning) have officially finalized their rosters. Clydesdale is now officially rested and ready to get your entries, so follow the link, fill out your bracket, and send it his way. Thanks, and bonne chance!