The Podium Cafe Prologue Challenge!

[editor's note, by chris] It started innocently enough as a diary by Kevin...

In honor of the most anticipated prologue of all time, I plan to ride a flat 7.9 km (4.9 mi) as fast as I can. (The distance of the london prologue)

The question, can I finish inside the cutoff time?

The ultimate challenge, can I avoid a last place finish?

I plan to do it this week. If you have a chance, and feel up to it, post your time/average speed here!

As reference points last year: 51.429 kmh (31.88 mph)

Last place: 176 Ruben Lobato (Spa) Saunier Duval - Prodir 45.079 kmh (27.94 mph)

[editor's note, by chris] As you can see from the comments below, this has evolved into a challenge: can you ride 7.9 flat kilometers fast enough to beat the Tour de France elimination time? [OK, it's possible the Tour doesn't do eliminations in the Prologue.] We will use the standard of the winner's time plus 25%. This will NOT be an easy time to make, but it's worth a try. Do your best to find a comparable course, and blast out 4.9 miles, then send in your time. If anyone makes it over the cutoff, well, we'll try to come up with some sort of prize. Good luck!

Update [2007-7-3 16:43:8 by chris]: We have a prize! Luis at has offered up one replica pro jersey from their inventory, which I assume means one of the current pro teams and no unusual sizings. Extreme honor system time now, folks. And I want a photo of your ride! Also, the contest closes when the Tour reaches the flamme rouge in Paris and the results become official.

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