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Musette du Jour/Open Musette

Wicked brief today; I just saw a few pieces worth passing on. If anyone else sees stuff worth reading, please pass on links. Thanks!

  • ASO reaction to Vino: we're winning! I wish I could be so certain. Also, it's the UCI's fault, and if they knew about the Chicken's missed tests before the Tour, he would have been excluded. Actually, VN has a longer piece up now with the ASO leaders. CN too. The Tour won't be stopping over this.
  • As for the Chicken, by the Danish Cycling Union's count he's had four warnings, which means he should have been suspended by now. Can the Tour let him off on a technicality like this? Not sure, but don't miss the associated photo altered to make it look like Rasmussen is at an outdoor acid test.
  • Want to learn all about homologous blood transfusions and how to detect them? I don't, but you can, straight from a real doctor.