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Le Tour '07: Stage 16 Live!!!

So as I understand, all the months spent blogging and obsessing over the sport come down to a day which begins at 3:30 in the morning. And by "begin" I mean the game could be on, really on, for a few hours before I even see the sun. I don't actually think anything will happen before the Col de Marie-Blanque, but am I willing to risk throwing it all away over the difference between getting up at 3:30 vs. 5:00? Will I be able to sleep during that time anyway, or will I just be lying there thinking about Floyd Landis ditching the field on the first climb one year ago?

Again the 250 comment rule applies, and I'm thinking I'll have to deal with it well before the last few minutes of the race, when it's too late. Let's get back to Cycling... on the road!