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Another Positive

From the comments below it appears Cofidis' Christian Moreni will be named as the latest rider to turn up a positive doping test at the Tour. Allegedly this comes from Stage 11. I haven't seen any confirmation of any of this, so I may be breaking out the strikethrough by the time I get to work. Anyway, stay tuned. Update [2007-7-25 13:44:45 by chris]: It's confirmed: Christian Moreni, in the bedroom, with the testosterone.

The Tour set an interesting precedent yesterday when they asked all of Astana to leave the Tour. Holding entire teams accountable for a rider's cheating is one of the many progressive ideas out there as a tool in the battle against doping. I'm actually a big fan of this: I've mentioned before that riders live in close quarters and their lives are closely intertwined, so the threat of bringing down your team adds a lot of peer pressure, something that might make a rider think twice before going to eleven.

But the Tour didn't ask T-Mobile to leave when Sinking Joke showed up with testosterone spikes. Granted, that was from a test which occurred in June, so it's not the Tour's business. But the Tour has an important choice to make regarding this next case. If they don't ask Cofidis to leave (assuming the reports are true), then they've established a double standard which does the sport little good. If they DO boot the team, then they've shown the willingness to go to great lengths in the doping fight, more so than any other player out there. I've criticized ASO a lot for the way they do business, but when it's all said and done, they may be the ones doing the sport the most good.