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Le Tour '07: Stage 17 Live!!

What, there's a race on? Today features no less than six climbs, all in the 1-4km range... speedbumps compared to the last week. Only one is anywhere near the finish. Still, there will be some games within the games if a breakaway doesn't get clear. The points race could draw out a sprint at the intermediate points, if any of Hunter, Zabel or Boonen fall back on the climbs. And the final KM should be a hoot.

Back in the GC, I doubt anything can happen. Discovery are tired and will ride defensively, assuming they've even had time to plot strategy as leaders. Evans by his own account has no team, so he doesn't have the power to make moves before the Time Trial. And anyway, why should he? He has a good enough shot at victory on Saturday, no reason to squander his form for so little.

The race must go on!