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The Upside Down Winner

Just a brief note here: we've begun tracking the Lanterne Rouge just for kicks, and since almost every other prize has already been handed out. This has been a notable contest, if only for the massive amounts of butter given to Nick Nuyens for being the last man to leave a certain village in Belgium. Anyway, Nancy Toby has been blogging the Lanterne Rouge throughout the Tour, among the usual stories. So if you want more insight into the battle, check her place out.

I'm thinking that Vanseverant has been getting cocky, even giving back half a minute to Geraint Thomas today. But then, it all comes down to who can ride a slower time trial tomorrow. This could get dicey: Vanseverant goes off first, so he won't be able to see Thomas ahead of him and pace himself accordingly. He will know Thomas' splits behind him, but if either of them slows down too much, the elimination time (which won't be set for several hours) could go past them.

Very cloak-and-dagger. Could be interesting.

Update [2007-7-27 15:38:10 by chris]: Sam Abt chimes in on Vanseverant's quest!