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Daily Feedbag

I'm a little pressed for time, so I'll throw up a couple links for now and update this with a more robust selection later. I just wanted to pass on a couple of articles which suggest that the media as a whole is not completely incapable of a little reality check.

  • Salon is carrying a piece by Der Spiegel's Jörg Schallenberg on how this Tour was a sign of good health, not bad. I'm still waiting for someone to draw a clear distinction between the sport's meta-issue and the actual race: both important stories but not the same thing. I can dream...
  • The esteemed Samuel Abt just finished his 30-somethingth Tour and surveys the landscape of the sport in its aftermath. I can't find anything at VN from John Wilcockson, the other legendary English-language Cycling journo who's handing over his notepad these days. Looks like the next generation (Hood, Rogers, etc.) have already taken over.