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Will London Be Safe?

I haven't been following the recent spate of car-bombings very closely, due to my aversion to bad news and general distaste for the politics that inevitably get attached to every evil deed or person these days. But one reader emailed me this week to suggest that there's a potential story brewing with the start of the Tour in London, and finally CN has the coverage.

The gist is, London police are confident they can handle the situation. However novel the idea of the Tour may be to London, they obviously host more than their share of large crowd events, and the prologue won't present any more challenges than your average 7.9km parade. And most parades don't fly by at 55km per hour.

Obviously, the terror threat can never be discounted, and surely the Tour is one of the bigger events on London's calendar at the moment. If terrorists hadn't just spent the last week drawing the attention of every last security resource in the nation, perhaps the threat would be more daunting. So while you never know, the fact is that the opportunity for attack won't be optimal. The next day's course won't be locked down the same way, but then again, with the entire Tour literally zipping by in seconds, it doesn't present much of a target either.