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Landis Verdict (??) Open Thread

Yesterday CN carried the tip from the Belgian media (Sportwereld, part of Het Nieuwsblad) that Floyd Landis would hear from USADA today regarding a ruling on his case. There's no evidence that anyone else thinks this is happening today, so maybe it isn't. But if we get word, will whoever sees it first please post a message and a link in the comments? Thanks. -the management

Update [2007-7-6 14:5:14 by chris]: h/t Clydesdale, apparently the esteemed Sam Abt (Int'l Herald/NYTimes) thinks tomorrow is the day, or at least there are rumors to that effect.

Update [2007-7-6 17:52:33 by chris]: Trust But Verify sleuths this and determines that the rumor about today was just some reporter doing a back of the hand calculation about when the earliest possible day for an announcement could be. Stand down, I guess.