Prologue Challenge: Post Your Times Here!

[editor's note, by chris] The time to beat is 11.02!

Better get this going today since Kevin is off to meet his destiny. See the original piece for details, but it goes as follows:

  • Ride a time trial similar to tomorrow's prologue within the Tour de France automatic elimination cutoff (we're using 125% of the winning time) and if you beat the time and are the fastest such entry, you can win a pro jersey!
  • Your course can be anything you want, as long as it's 7.9km, and is generally flat, i.e. has a net elevation gain/loss pretty much at 0.
  • As mentioned yesterday, there are five corners in the London Prologue. To be fair and harmonize our respective efforts, I am not requiring you to include the same number of corners. Instead, I'm assigning a value of three seconds per corner, and if you have less than five corners, we'll add three seconds to your time for each one less than five. E.g., a course with no turns will net you a 15-second adjustment.
  • Submit your time before the Tour ends. EXTREME HONOR SYSTEM obviously in effect. Have fun!

I'll keep this diary high up on the diary list so people can post their times here. All details of your experience will be appreciated!

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