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Crash Report and Open Thread

[editor's note, by chris] Reposted, due to multiple updates...

I've found a couple items of note from today's crash, but chances are that news will be trickling in throughout the day, so please pass along any other updates.

  • Maillot Jaune Fabien Cancellara looked bad coming in, but seems like he'll continue. BikeRadar caught him saying afterwards, "The pile-up gave me a fright. At the time I hurt myself, but now I feel better."
  • Eurosport says Freddy Rodriguez was bleeding and holding his arm in the telltale broken collarbone position. His continuation depends heavily on Eurosport's ability to judge such things.

Update [2007-7-9 18:3:6 by chris]: Fast Freddy rolls on! From the Predictor-Lotto website:

Fred Rodriguez: his left hip is OK, and two open wound at his left elbow have received 6 and 4 stitches. The collarbone is intact, protected by the titanium plate affixed in 1998 after a bad crash at Tour of Denmark. On top of this, Fred is also grazed at knee, buttock and lower leg.
  • Tomas Vaitkus looked utterly miserable coming in, but if all he has is a broken thumb, even he may soldier on. Hincapie and Gusev also went down. The Paceline has details:
*Injury Update According to PJ Rabice, George banged his knee pretty hard but is hopefully ok. As he went down he scraped it along the ground and thought it was broken at first but when he got up it felt much better. Tomas Vaitkus may have broken his thumb. He is currently at the hospital having it looked at. Gusev was caught up in the crash too but rode in solo and seems fine. All others appear to be okay as well.
Update [2007-7-9 18:3:6 by chris]: h/t TdFBlog, who are updating injury reports too... Tomas Vaitkus needs surgery for multiple fractures in his thumb, so he's out. All other Disco riders are OK.
  • Update [2007-7-9 15:12:52 by chris]: Daniele Bennati and Francisco Jose Ventoso among those at the hospital for examination. Lots of outlets are carrying the Bennati story, reporting that they're looking at potential fractures in or around his hip.