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More Housekeeping!

I've got a rare moment to check in... thanks to all for keeping things moving here! It sounds like the D-Tour has been hard for many people to watch... are they really showing it on several hours' delay? I'm nowhere near patient enough to not check CyclingNews or VeloNews for results three hours after a race ends.

Kudos to the weekend's winners, Jens!, Ete Zabel, and in lesser races Fortunato Baliani, Beat Zberg, and Pippo Pozzato. And kudos to those of you who've stuck with the WCSN coverage for the D-Tour, which should be heating up over the next couple days. This has been one of the year's surprise highlights the last two years, so perhaps we'll be in for some great racing this week... assuming anyone sees it. Anyway, I'll be back online semi-regularly starting Tuesday, after one more long day of transit Monday.