Last Chance to see Disco in person...

This is an unabashed shill for the Tour Of Missouri. I am really looking forward to this and will be volunteering for part of the race. Discovery will be there and with Levi, Big George and Contador:

Articles this week about Team Discovery Channel's future (which, unfortunately, is not good--the team will disband after this year's racing season) also highlighted the participation of team members, including Tour de France Champion Alberto Contador, 3rd place Tour de France finisher Levi Leipheimer, and favorite of America fans, George Hincapie in the upcoming Tour of Missouri.

According to the Washington Post article:

    The team was a dominant force in cycling for nearly a decade.

    Armstrong won the first of his record seven consecutive Tour de France titles in 1999 racing under the U.S. Postal Service banner. The team built cycling's top lineup as Armstrong and his lieutenants powered their way through France and maintained that dominance when Contador won the Tour and American teammate Levi Leipheimer finished third.

The New York Times adds:

    The Discovery Channel team, which is participating in the Tour of Germany, will finish out its schedule of races this year, including the Tour of Spain in September. The team, including Contador, Leipheimer, and George Hincapie, will ride in the inaugural Tour of Missouri Sept. 11-16.

If you are anywhere near a part of this race do not miss out on the last race that Disco will run as a team. I know there are those of you that do not like them but you have to admit that for the last 8-9 years they have reshaped cycling and brought a lot of US fans to the sport, myself included. I do not paint myself as a die hard Disco fan as I have learned to love way more than any one team and their riders but they do have a special place in my personal road to love of the sport.

Going forward I am almost more excited to see the Argyle in person than anything else as I plan to be part of the Argyle Armada next year. This will be my first Pro race in person and I am totally on edge waiting for it.

See you in September.