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Vacation Feedbag

The intermittent tradition continues...

  • Mauricio Soler completed his turn from rumored cheater (which he wasn't) to Vuelta a Burgos champion. After his rather epic attacks and the nonsense he went through for a day there, I can't help but feel happy about this. Also, a month later, he's still better than Valverde.
  • OK, I wasn't paying attention, and I can kinda figure out the answer, but how did Erik Zabel win the D-Tour points comp after three straight losses to Ciolek? This bums me out.
  • Man, the unemployed line is long, and star studded. Next in line: Andreas Kloden.
  • As for the line to the woodshed, Alexandre Vinokourov is having none of it. It's straight onto the offensive... in more ways than one. Apparently his case is one big procedural defect.
  • I grew up in New England, and I still can't believe that the weather can be this bad here in August. The Mt. Washington Hill Climb was canceled due to "horizontal sleet, rime ice, 87-mph gusts of wind and freezing temperatures." Yep, that'd put a damper on things.