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La Vuelta VDS: Your 49-Hour Deadline Warning!

Last Friday we kicked off the Vuelta-only Virtual Directeur Sportif competition, a bit rushed and on the late side thanks to vacations and such. But it's on, and the Friday noon Pacific deadline is fast approaching! A couple updates from the previous post:

  • Clydesdale has provided a downloadable spreadsheet to use for compiling and submitting your squad. This has the advantage of not only being downloadable, but it's also not a broken link like the one I previously used. So again, go HERE and make up your team.
  • The actual startlist is in constant flux, but DZI has assured us that he's on top of the changes. So before Friday's deadline, be sure to check the CyclingFever startlist or some other reliable source to make sure your team is all riding.
  • Use this post as an open thread to get any point values for newly-added riders; I'll be checking back regularly. If Clydesdale had to make some up while I was in transit the last two days, go with them. He's a wise man.
  • Turn in your final roster to Clydesdale's Email. If you need to make adjustments after you turn it in, again you have til noon tomorrow Friday. Emailing Clydesdale or posting changes here are both OK.
  • And, as always, my team is better than yours. Resistance is futile.