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San Sebastian Favorites

Just a brief roundup of the previews and favorites listings for tomorrow's fabulous Basque classic.

  • Over at Eurosport, Valverde and Sastre are co-favorites, or at least that's the picture they felt like running.
  • VN's Andy Hood writes a pretty generic preview with some good race color, but doesn't name a favorite. I think VN has a policy against this. He does reveal, however, that Paolo Bettini has tendonitis, though he may be back by the Deutschlandtour.
  • Perhaps the most informative preview is Gregor Brown's piece at CyclingNews, where Valverde is a "hot favorite," though newly-rich Ricardo Ricco shouldn't be forgotten.
  • Nothing up at CyclingFans yet about live coverage. CN and others will have comments streaming, but considering there was live video of the Vuelta a Comunidad Valenciana, there should be something for the Klasikoa.

My pick? This race is made for Valverde... tough enough to weed out the sprinters and leave el Imbatible to fly around the climbers at the end. If DiLuca were in form, I'd go with him instead, but I have a feeling Valverde will be more prepared.