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Virtual Directeur Sportif Open Thread

OK, I'm in. I am loathe to reveal any aspect of my secret winning strategy before the Friday Noon Pacific deadline. Let's just say I'm going with a double-pronged strategy in one portion, which for argument's sake we'll call the "GC," and all in for another competition (say, the "points race"). That's all I'll say. I also feature a list of bargain-basement continental Spaniards who give true meaning to my team name, Los Pendejos. These are not nice men. They aren't coming to the Vuelta to make friends. They are not to be trifled with.

It's still theoretically worth entering your team if you haven't done so. I suppose the Crushing Cucarachas might try to slip something in my squad's water supply (re. espresso). In theory, fate could intervene to deprive Los Pendejos of their destiny. In theory.

Also, it's free.