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Cycling.TV's Green Parachute

Just saw this announcement that Cycling.TV is being acquired by Jump.TV for a cool $5 mil. Very few details besides the sales price and some other financials. C.TV was losing money in the six figure ranges... though I doubt that's remarkable considering the initial costs that surely go along with such enterprises, and the end-game payout ought to ease that pain considerably.

C.TV CEO Simon Brydon is staying on, so I gather the mission won't change much. As the article states, Cycling.TV holds exclusive, long-term internet broadcasting licenses (probably 80% of the company's value, I'll hazard to guess) for all the top races besides the Tour. By joining this plan with a more experienced network, perhaps we'll have the content we already love with a flawless system.

I know very little about Jump, but you can attempt to learn more at their Wikipedia page, humorously labeled "blatant advertising." Anyway, they're Canadian, so how bad can they be?

If anyone knows how we can bombard Jump with demands that they keep Anthony and Brian in the commentary box, let me/us know.