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Vuelta Stage 1... LIVE!

Once again, the Vuelta kicks off in Vigo, a city in northwest coastal Galicia and a natural kickoff point for the race that will then circle the rest of the country. Sure, it's been 40 years since the race began there, but anyway, it works. Galicia is also home to one Oscar Pereiro, so they've got that going for them.

I've never been to Spain, but it seems like a naturally beautiful place, and the Vuelta is slated to pass through a slew of areas that would maybe have given me this impression. So today's stage, while relatively flat (save for two cat-3 climbs) and won't feature much drama outside the inevitable breakaway and bunch sprint, should nonetheless be a lovely sight.

Cycling.Tv with the coverage. Enjoy!

Update [2007-9-1 10:5:17 by chris]: Danielson has crashed out of the Vuelta already!