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USPRO Road Race Open Thread

I don't have any insight into this race, other than that it'll be hard and will pit the Pro Tour riders against the continental guys once again. No bets on who comes out ahead, but George Hincapie has little to show for his season, so he'll come out smoking, no doubt.

Anyway, there's a ton of good information over at the official race site -- good thing too, because CN and VN have very little. There's a full startlist, as well as multimedia presentations of the course: a Google Earth flyover that gave me motion sickness, a course profile that needs to be turned 90 degrees, and a basic map. And don't miss the official merchandise, yet another fashion disaster for American Cycling.

As for who's racing, the answer is basically everyone: Chris Baldwin (Toyota-United), Andrew Bajadali (Jelly Belly), Tyler Hamilton (the Abyss), Hincapie (free agent), Ben Jacques-Mayne (Slipstream), Bobby Julich (CSC), Levi Leipheimer (not sure), Doug Ollerenshaw (Health Net-Maxxis), Danny Pate (Slipstream), Chris Wherry (Toyota-United), Phil Zajicek (Health Net-Maxxis)... I'm not an expert on the Domestic scene, but that's a lotta big names IMHO.  Missing are Horner and Fast Freddy, and Saul Raisin though that's probably due to change next year.

The basics are found on this tip sheet but the race is made by four trips up Paris Mountain, a 1000' elevation gain each time. Coverage live at the main site, and a replay on Versus. Enjoy!