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Giro di Missouri: Branson Time Trial Live!

While not flat by any means, I'm not sure the Giro di Missouri (so named in honor of the large Italian presence in St. Louis) will be won out on a road stage. There are certainly enough inclines to allow for decisive escapes, but no massive climbs. Which means today's hilly time trial should go a long way toward deciding the race. I'm not on travel after all, just tending to more sick family members, so how much I can participate remains to be seen. Anyway, it'll be more fun than another sprint in Spain. Enjoy!

Update [2007-9-13 13:29:7 by chris]: CN reports in the live thread that the UCI decided today to enforce a (new?) rule that extension bars must be parallel to the ground! Sucks for Levi, and the other "praying Landis" style riders.