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Look Familiar?

Your winner and still world time trial champion, Tony Montana! I mean, Fabian Cancellara! I haven't watched the coverage yet, but he was apparently comfortably in front from the get-go, a true patron performance to cap a glorious year. His 52-second win represented the largest gap between any two consecutive finishers on the entire leaderboard, and a crushing end to the race. As late as the final 31km time check his lead was a narrow 22 seconds.

Time trials aren't always made-for-TV excitement, but Cancellara's prologue in London was pulsating, and his win on the road two days later, in the maillot jaune, will be one of 2007's truly lasting images. He also held serve at home in the Swiss Championships and Tour de Suiss ITTs, while otherwise focusing on the cobbled classics. Cancellara certainly still has mountains to climb in his career, most notably the Tour of Flanders, where he showed solid form this year but somewhat impatient tactics. But when he dons the rainbow jersey he rides with true class, and another year of such displays is something to look forward to.