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Worlds Time Trial Open Thread

Previewed below, sorta maybe. But now we have an actual startlist with times, so it's worth a second look over the list. Fortunately standard procedure is to seed riders and run them in reverse order, a matter of even greater importance when the weather looks like crap (although it looks uniformly crappy, at least).

Anyway, Benoit Vaugrenard or Luis Leon Sanchez Gil could lay down an early marker... otherwise, the last hour looks like non-stop fireworks, from Adam Hanson at 2:30pm (German time) to Champion, Grabsch (my dark horse), Larson, Clement, Karpets, Millar, Cornu, McCartney, Gutierrez, Zabriskie, Gusev, and finally Fabien Cancellara at 3:29. This should be quite a battle.

How to follow is a conundrum, but I'll warn those who wish to see it on WCSN later in the day: I'm not much for delayed info, so this thread will be available to people who want to watch tickers, listen to Eurosport radio, etc. as the race happens. If you don't want to know who won until WCSN tells you, come by but don't read the comments to this post. Enjoy!