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Men's Elite Worlds Road Race...LIVE!

Only three races left for the Pro Tour guys, and none more consequential than this (sorry Lombardia). Saturday's U23 race convinced me that this will end in a bunch sprint, but the length of the race and repeated climbs will limit the size of the bunch. Does Zabel make the finale? Freire? Should Bennati have been given a spot? All close questions. In all likelihood the winner is going to need a huge turn of speed at the end; the Boogerds, Pozzatos, Sastres, Schumachers, Kirchens... all fine cyclists but not likely to have a say unless they can spring a solo attack. Which can't be ruled out; the last 2km aren't easy.

I guess what I'm saying is I have no clue. Cycling.TV will have live coverage, and I'll definitely be up for it. Join in the fun!