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Vuelta Stage 6... LIVE!

Today's stage to Logroño is a pretty sure bet for a sprint finish... and unlike recent sprint finishes, the course isn't likely to sap the strength of the non-climbers. Actually, from this point on the stages don't give Oscar Freire a huge advantage, and as the cast of Grand Tour sprinters gets back into the race, expect Paolo Bettini's point scoring to slow down. Of course, Freire has a pretty substantial lead in the points competition and needs only to finish in the top 5 every day to coast home to victory, assuming the remaining sprinters (Bennati, Davis, Fernandez, Petacchi, Boonen, et al) take turns winning stages. Only if one of them (namely Bennati) goes on a huge winning streak could Freire's hold on the points comp be at risk.

Anyway, enjoy the breakaways and last KM of madness.