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Vuelta Stage 9, into the Pyrenees... LIVE!

Well, I meant to put out a power poll after the time trial today, with the hope of capturing the stage's impact, before things changed drastically again. I've always maintained (for decades now) that stage 10 will have a greater impact than stage 9, but not if the riders decide to lay it all on the line today instead. The top five is currently devoid of pure climbers, but only Devolder and Menchov got enough of a cushion on Sastre and the other mountain goats to feel really solid.

I really like how this race is shaping up: the riders who needed the time trial are largely ahead, while the guys who've lost some time are the ones most likely to get it back in the next two days. With a slew of unintriguing stages after the Pyrenees, this race is starting to look like a nailbiter to Madrid.