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VDS 2008: The Spreadsheet!

This past week we kicked off the Podium Cafe Virtual Directeur Sportif 2008 competition... and I've already gotten about a dozen submissions. Well, better late than never, we now have a spreadsheet that I need you to use to fill out your team entries:

VDS 2008 Spreadsheet

Many, many thanks to Hons for the data entry and encouragement to employ technologies so complex that they aren't being taught in the public schools at lower than a fifth grade level. Anyway, it's a handy enough device, showing everyone listed and their point values. I've added in the formatting for tabulating points as you pick your riders, so you can keep track of how close you're getting to the magic 150.

So, please open this spreadsheet, fill in your riders by name and points, save it and send it to me as an attachment. This includes those of you who've already sent your team, I'd be grateful if you'd redo it on the spreadsheet. Send emails to Thanks, and also thanks to the guys who confirmed on the experimental post that this works!