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Landis Interview

If you're not exhausted from the Landis proceedings, you should a) have your head examined; and b) read the VeloNews interview running today, where the reporter (Neil Rogers) really presses Landis on a number of points about how the sport works. I've long since given up on being able to tell who did what in the doping realm, and will probably always harbor sympathy for Floyd. Fortunately, the interview isn't really about his innocence, but rather a rambling review of who out there is doing what in response to the sport's state of affairs. I find myself disagreeing with Landis when his POV tilts too heavily in favor of "innocent til proven" and "they did their time," as if the sport isn't engulfed in crisis or that teams have no choice about what message they wish to send. But, well, it's interesting stuff, and I can't say enough about the quality of journalism at VN lately.

OK, off to the park before DS Little Bear and DS Littler Bear extinguish my last ounce of sanity.