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VDS Reminder/Housekeeping

Update [2008-1-30 12:3:37 by chris]: Reposted as your regular reminder. I'll be away from the site mostly today. Very, very busy...

If for some reason (isolated winter training camp? live in a cave) you hadn't heard, we are accepting entries for the Podium Cafe Virtual Directeur Sportif 2008 contest, through February 27. A few notes to pass along:

  • Whenever possible, use the official spreadsheet to submit your entry. But some people are unable for technical reasons, and in such cases I'll fix it up for you.
  • I am switching the email address for submissions: Turn in your roster to The podiumcafe yahoo inbox gets a little swamped with other matters. If you've sent it there, I have it, but for organization's sake let's use the new email from now on.
  • I've gotten some suggestions on in-season changes. What do people think about listing maybe 3 alternatives whom you can substitute in during the season? The scheme would be: only substitute for serious injury or suspension; point totals must still fit under 150; once you make the switch there's no going back. All subs would have to be approved for like-kind-ness; no dropping your Classics guy in May and adding in a grand tour rider. Is there still potential for abuse? Thoughts?? Update [2008-1-24 17:43:6 by chris]: Take the poll! Click on "Entry Link"